My great passion is design in all its forms. After many years transforming spaces and playing with colors as an interior designer, my life changed completely when I discovered Formentera... it soon became my destination, my lighthouse, my great source of inspiration. Life, travels and this restless and creative mind, passionate about craftsmanship and nature... made it all easier for me to create Alma Gemela Formentera in 2014. A place with soul, where you can find any kind of footwear made in jute and silk dresses impregnated with colors, always with the exclusive seal of the firm. In this environment full of peace and good vibes, a visit to the store becomes an experience, a meeting of friends from all over the world.
Exclusivity, colors and quality materials are my hallmark. Silk is one of the softest and most beautiful natural fibers that exist, its fibers reflect light and give it a very characteristic natural shine that envelops all my designs.
I understand the design of each dress, of each kaftan, as something almost exclusive and that I like that it lasts, that it identifies and differentiates us, garments that make us feel good, that make us feel beautiful and with character... with this spirit and a lot of passion, almost without realizing it, between seams and colors, the limited editions in silk, Lemmens Formentera Design, were born.
I enjoy elegant and timeless designs from other cultures, which I bring back to life as new, by reinterpreting their colors and translating them into silk. For this, I draw from my great source of inspiration, Formentera, with its infinite green and blue tones of its waters, the reds and oranges of its sunset, the grays and blacks of the night, reminiscent of my color palette, which accompanies me and helps me since I was a child, to give life to new dreams, new creations.
All dresses are made in this workshop "hand made in Formentera" by the craftswomen, my great accomplices and friends, who make these models remember origins & essences and embellish your body and soul.
Now it's your turn to enjoy the creations of Lemmens Formentera Design, my little universe. You have in your hands a very special handmade garment that is a little piece of the air, of the waters of the Mediterranean, of every cove, of every sunrise, of every night full of stars... in this magical and beloved Formentera.

Director and founder of Lemmens Formentera Design